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2020 STOCK MARKET CRASH (What YOU Need To Know About Dividend Stocks)

Troy FriendsterIO
Published on 08 Mar 2020 / In Stock Market

The 2020 stock market collapse is happening and investors everywhere are facing panic over the correction. Today's dividend investing video brings a dose of pragmatism to the conversation. Learn the four key lessons that all dividend growth investors should know about this correction. And, I'm excited to share two #dividend #stocks that I purchased just today, 3M (MMM) and Cedar Fair (FUN). Get ready for another exciting #investing video.

0:00 Introduction – We're facing some extreme stock market volatility right now, perhaps the great 2020 stock market crash. Learn the four lessons that I think all long-term dividend stock investors need to know. Also, learn about the two dividend stocks I purchased today.
1:55 LESSON 1 – The premium quality dividend stocks have not even corrected at all!
4:50 TAKEAWAY – While I talk a lot about my ancillary positions, never forget that the core of my portfolio is held in top-tier, premium quality companies.
6:57 TAKEAWAY – As a dividend investor, I like averaging in during a declining stock market.
7:34 TAKEAWAY – A huge risk for stock market investors is only focusing on the riskier holdings (not the premium ones).
10:04 A really good stock investing analogy that helps illustrate my strategy!
11:06 It’s very rare that a really high quality company goes on sale. You have to wait for it!
11:46 LESSON 2 – Do not deploy money too quickly. Do not borrow against your emergency fund!
13:38 LESSON 3 – Don’t even watch the stock market too much. The purpose of dividend investing is to spend more time living (not investing).
15:21 LESSON 4 – Dividend investors buy streams of cash flow! I don't worry too much about timing the bottom.
17:09 If a sock goes down after you buy, that's honestly how it is for everyone in a market correction.
18:59 3M (MMM) Dividend Stock Analysis
20:19 LESSON – The purpose of dividend investing is to buy your time back!
21:39 Cedar Fair (FUN) Dividend Stock Analysis
23:22 Cedar Fair earnings analysis
24:53 LESSON – Sometimes a North America strategy is a better strategy
27:33 LESSON – I don't worry about stock charts. I worry about fundamental dividend stock analysis.
35:05 Coca-Cola (KO) and Royal Dutch Shell (RDS-A) Dividend Stock Analysis
36:43 Starbucks (SBUX) Dividend Stock Analysis
38:13 Home Depot (HD) Dividend Stock Analysis
39:30 Here's my tranche 1 yield on cost for The Home Depot. This is the power of long term dividend growth investing.
41:05 A huge mistake investors are making – be careful!
42:42 Closing, disclosure, and disclaimer

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DISCLOSURE: I am long Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), PepsiCo (PEP), Coca-Cola (KO), BP (BP), Royal Dutch Shell (RDS-A), Cedar Fair (FUN), 3M (MMM), Honeywell (HON), Starbucks (SBUX), The Home Depot (HD), Wells Fargo (WFC), and Altria (MO). I own these stocks in my stock portfolio.

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