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Aquarium Filter To Clean Fish Poop | Internal Filter Aquarium

Published on 10 Jul 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Every aquarium has nasty fish poop, some you can see and most you can't. Internal aquarium filter operated by air pump can be used to clean fish poop. In this video i will show you aquarium filter specifically designed to clean fish waste and poop by causing a cyclone effect which draws all the poop and is collected and trapped in the base of the internal filter. All the fish poo is sucked from the bottom of the tank which makes water flow in the tank really important to the success of this turbo suction filter.

Once fish poop is collected in the base of the filter, water then passes through a biological cartridge that contains 100 of quartz beads housing million of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria will break down the fish poop collected in the base of the filter. The filter requires an air pump and it is the impeller of the filter that creates tremendous suction of fish poop from the bottom of the tank.

I have tested fish poop aquarium filter in my 220 L fish tank with some large goldfish. In my case, cleaning the filter every 7 days will keep the optimal efficiency. However, in this video i let it run for 2 weeks and have demonstrated the impact of time on the efficiency.

Fish poop filter is made of clear plastic and is air operated. Mechanical filtration happens in the trap container while for the biological filtration a container with quartz beads is added. Even though it doesn't guarantee zero fish poop but it still is the best internal aquarium filter to remove fish poop from the tank which eliminates the need of siphoning fish poo out of the tank.

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