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Beldex?? Biggest crypto scam going in Tamil Nadu | Tamil Crypto Tech

Published on 09 Jun 2020 / In Crypto Currency / Other

Beldex😡😡 Biggest crypto scam going in Tamil Nadu

In this video I explained the Beldex coin Scam In Tamil Nadu. Already I put the beldex scam video:- Beldex scam video - Biggest MLM and Network marketing in beldex coin But beldex coin not a worthable coin. I clearly the explained and full review of this coin. Beldex coin :- Beldex coin is privacy coin fork of monero. Initially its came in 2018, ico period but lot of members in India invest lakhs of lakhs money in this crypto coin. I explained link, ada, eos crypto coin technology but I explained the full drawbacks of Beldex coin.. My questions about Beldex investors 1.Since two years Beldex coin was came in Ico after only Two exchanges listed this coin. 2.Beldex coin 24hours Market cap is very low. Only 19 bitcoin trading in One day. 3.Beldex promoters said, Beldex algorithm working in proof of stake but I analysis the beldex white paper and Beldex documentation. That white paper only beldex company said, beldex worked in proof of work but that beldex company not updated in that change. This is Clearly noted Beldex team not worst working in there updates. 4.In this coin future masternode is update but masternode main technology is dash cryptocurrency. Dash dominance is main.Masternode is only focused on that team and That coin followers But Beldex coin followers is two low. I explained in this video. 5. Why Beldex is not listed in others exchange like binance, coinEx. Not only international exchanges not listed in Indian Exchanges.... Finally My opinion is Bitcoin is risky field we have reduce the risk. This coin is totally scam.choice is yours

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