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Best PRANK Wins Hacker Challenge! Funny DIY Pranks Battle on Spy Ninjas Friends at Safe House!

Published on 09 Oct 2020 / In Comedy / Pranks


After Chad Wild Clay made "IS CLOAKER JOINING SPY NINJAS? Last To Leave Extreme Challenge Game Wins Mystery Box and Keeps It!", Vy Qwaint created "Hot vs Cold Challenge / Girl on Fire vs Icy Boy Last to Leave in 24 Hours! Cloaker joins Spy Ninjas?", and Daniel Gizmo uploaded "CAN WE SURVIVE EXTREME WEATHER Hot vs Cold Challenge? Hackers Ways To Make Spy Ninjas Fire and Icy!", The Spy Ninjas brought PZ9 and the Cloaker back to the safe house! In order for the 4 Spy Ninjas to trust the two in a newfound partnership, they put them through a series of teamwork trust challenges. The Cloaker and Melvin PZ9 wanted to help destroy Project Zorgo, and hosted Hot Vs. Cold challenges. Then they came up with a new plan. If the Spy Ninjas can prank the hackers bad enough, they might quit Project Zorgo and stop their evil actions. But before the Spy Ninjas, PZ9 and the Cloaker can do that, they need to practice their skills in an epic prank war! Regina pranks Daniel with rubber roaches and uses a TikTok challenge of leaving a hidden pan of water on his chair! Each Spy Ninja, along with PZ9 and the Cloaker has crazy funny epic pranks to show they can be sneaky and trick the hackers. The winner of the prank war gets to pull the biggest prank on Project Zorgo members! Who will win? Will a hacker actually quit Project Zorgo? Is this how the Spy Ninjas will finally defeat Project Zorgo? Thank you for watching my intensely epic, downright funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2020!

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