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Coronavirus Q&A: Expert answers your questions on Covid-19

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Published on 07 Mar 2020 / In Pandemics / Virus

We’re joined by Dr Ngozi Erondu, an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and Global Health Policy Expert, for a Q&A session on the Covid-19 novel coronavirus. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)

Questions include…

Is COVID-19 curable and is there a vaccine?

How can I tell the difference between the symptoms of a nasty cold and COVID-19?

Can you be infected with coronavirus and show no symptoms?

Can you compare COVID-19 with the number of people who die from seasonal flu?

What percentage of cases requite medical attention or hospital admission?

At what point does hand washing need to be replaced by more stringent measures?

Should people with asthma be more concerned?

If 80% of people who have the virus show no symptoms or mild symptoms, how is it not spreading exponentially?

What happens when you are tested for COVID-19 and how long does it take to be diagnosed?

Will the virus die out as it gets warmer?
Are children who have a parent with the virus at high risk?

Do you believe the World Health Organisation's statements about the situation in China?

How does self-isolation work with the rest of the family?

Are the media reporting responsibly about COVID-19?

What international measures would you recommend countries take in tandem with one another COVID-19 is thought to have come from an animal.

Are pets safe from contracting the coronavirus?

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