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DIY: How to Build Aquarium Canopy

Published on 03 Jul 2020 / In Pets & Animals

DIY: How to Build Aquarium Canopy

A do it yourself aquarium canopy can be best utilised to give a good finishing to the aquarium stand and also enhance the look of the fish tank. Aquarium canopy can be dressed up the top of a fish tank and plays a pivotal role in hiding the aquarium filter, lighting fixtures, air pump and any other mechanical which are necessary to run a healthy aquarium. A commercial canopy might cost hundred of dollars but i have built this canopy for just 90 buks, considering premium quality material is used to build aquarium canopy. Apart from less cost involved in DIY aquarium canopies, an other important advantage is that it is custom built and design is according to your preference and needs.

Material Used:
1. Timber: 2 x 1 - 9 m in length
2. Plywood: Marine Grade AA (6mm thickness) - 3 boards
3. Timber Screw: Size 6G x 30 mm in length
4. Hand saw, circular saw and other PPE
5. Paint (i have used left over paint from the aquarium stand)
6. Hinges and door knob

More information on building an Aquarium Canopy https://www.fishaholic.net/201....9/07/how-to-build-aq

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