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DIY: How to Build Aquarium Stand

Published on 06 Jun 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Learn how to build aquarium stand for a 4 feet Aquarium. Building an aquarium stand is very easy and it does not demand any high level of wood craftsmanship. You can build an aquarium stand yourself creatively and add a roomy cabinet for storage or for placing a sump. It is cheap to do it yourself and you can decide the overall height of the fish tank stand.

In this video i have demonstrated how to build an aquarium stand for a 4 feet aquarium, exact dimensions of my aquarium are 123 cm x 36 cm x 51 cm (Length x Width x Height). I have used 2 x 4 wood to build stand for my aquarium which is very durable and by adding extra supports and bracing, i have increased the holding strength of the stand. I can even use the same design and same number of 2 x 4's for a 5 feet aquarium. The wood screws i have used are 75 mm long.

Tools Required:
1. Table saw or jigsaw or hand saw or buy pre-cut wood
2. Electric drill or a screw driver
3. Mallet or a hammer
4. Spirit levels (optional but recommended)
5. Quick grip (optional but recommended)
6. Any wood glue, i bought mine for $2 (optional)

Enjoy this step by step tutorial on DIY: How to build an aquarium stand.Learn more about building an aquarium stand https://www.fishaholic.net/201....9/08/how-to-build-aq

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