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DIY Pond Filter With Cascading Buckets | Backyard Garden Pond Mini

Published on 18 Jun 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Cascading buckets pond filter is a self-contained filtration system which comprises of mechanical, biological and plant filtration. The pump carriers the water from basin up to 1.4 meter high and then it pours through a fountain kit attached to the top bucket. Water then cascades down the second bucket and finally back down into the fish pond in a continuous cycle. Water nutrients are absorbed when water flows through both buckets, fully loaded with plants and bio media. Water also receives oxygen during the gravitational lift, water fall through fountain kit and the buckets creates more oxygen for the pond.
DIY pond filter made of cascading buckets is a great and easy way to introduce a charming and dreamy appeal to the fish pond.
Material Use:
2 x buckets (one slightly smaller than the other)
1 x pond pump
1 x 20 mm anti kink tubing
2 x 25 mm barbed threaded elbow
2 x 22 mm small pvc pipe cuttingsSilicone
1/3 of the top bucket is fully packed with mechanical filtration. The 2nd bucket has a layer of fine foam which act as mechanical filter media and roughly around 1 kg of bio media is placed inside the bottom bucket. Both buckets are filled with clay pebbles, which are highly porous and offers heaps of surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. I have also added some bio degradable balls to the bio media bags. These bio balls are slowly dissolved and they slowly release beneficial bacteria into the system.
For added filtration, i have planted some winter vegetables in the buckets such as snow peas, baby spinach, lettuce and Italian parsley. I have also planted a beautiful strawberry plants which will hopefully fruit in summer.
Melbourne winter is very harsh but all these plants can grow in aquaponics in this weather.
1. Snowpea: produces flat, sweet, crips, edible pods
2. Strawberry: produces sweet tasting fruit over 3 months in summer
3. Lettuce Multileaf: produces tasty leaves used in salads
4. Italian Parsley: produces flavored leaves used in soups, fish and chicken dishes
5. Baby Spinach: produces vitamin packed, nutritious leaves used in salad and cookingI hope you have enjoyed this video and found this description helpful.
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