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DIY Trickle Filter Mini | Top Filter Aquarium

Published on 08 Jun 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Low budget is not a big deal as in this video if will show you how easy it is to build a DIY trickle filter mini for your aquarium from the supplies available at home.
This shower filter will sit on top of the aquarium which also makes it an overhead aquarium sump or a top filter aquarium.
Select your container for Trickle filtration, i always like to make a filter pad tray but this step is completely optional. Height of the hose cutting is very crucial as it decides if the water will flow over the top of media or it would flow through the filter media, i hope it made sense.
You can glue the container to the lid, but again this step is optional but will ensure that your built is pretty sturdy. I found measuring before cutting very handy as all the holes are precisely cut. Use any marker and take your time when you do the cutting.
I usually use 3 forms of mechanical filter media in my overhead sumps but in this video i have used fine foam only as the trickle/shower filter is aimed to filter small tanks. Bio media is selected based on what i have had available at home. I am pretty sure as Fishaholics, you will have some supply of filtration and now is the best time to put them in use. Always ensure that containers, filter media and hose is pre-washed prior to using it in the aquarium.
3 x 1L plastic container
3 x short pieces of a spare hose
Soldering Iron
Aquarium Filter Media
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Music: Hold On by JebaseLink: https://soundcloud.com/jebasemusic/hold-on
Thank You.

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