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DIY Trickle Filter | Overhead Aquarium Sump Filter

Published on 26 Jun 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Welcome back to another DIY Trickle Filter video aka trickle/shower filter. A trickle filter is extremely easy and inexpensive to build with low running cost. Power head is only required to pump water to filter, it then flows through various chambers of filtration and makes its way back to the fish tank through gravity, which is why it is also called overhead aquarium sump filter. It is one of the main reason i prefer overhead sump over any other type of filtration.
To build this aquarium trickle filter, i have used 2 round containers. They are both microwave and dishwasher safe and according to the label they are BPA and phthalates free. Like my previous video on DIY trickle filter, i have used the top container for mechanical filtration and bottom container for biological filtration.
Since it is a mini trickle filter, i decided to use only fine foam to mechanically filter the water. For bigger tanks and bigger filters, i always use 3 type of mechanical filter pads which are coarse, medium and fine foam.Water enters the top container from the fish tank where it is cleaned of any large and fine particles. A hose is used to connect both containers. Once mechanically filtered, it then go through bio media where beneficial bacteria breaks down all the harmful waste and turn it to much safer form. Cleaned and filtered water then flows back to the tank.
Building a filter from plastic containers is always cheap as they are easily available for an affordable price. No special hose is required, a garden hose will do the job. Only use an aquarium safe silicone to glue all the important components of trickle/shower filter. Also read the guidelines as some glue will take longer to cure than other glue. If you are interested in building overhead aquarium filter then browse through channel videos as i have uploaded numerous content on this topic.
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