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Grow Sweet Potato In Aquarium - Nitrates Filter, No CO2, No Fertilizer

Published on 09 Jul 2020 / In Pets & Animals

This is the third and final episode of growing a sweet potato plant in an aquarium which act as a free nitrate filter and no CO2 and no fertilizer is required. Sweet potato makes a good aquarium filtration plant as the roots absorb nitrates and other harmful waste produced by the fish, decaying organic matter and other inhabitant of the aquarium. Even though the sweet potato stays inside the water, stems and leaves are grown above the water level and it sort of resembles a floating aquatic plant.

My sweet potato plant lasted for almost 6 months in the water and then it slowly started to rot. It has a tendency to grow a really healthy root system which is a main source of aquarium filtration and also a great hiding spot for stress fish and fry. In this video you will see how fish are comfortable around the roots of the plants and its dense stems and leaves provides cover for the fish.

Sweet potato grows really fast in the aquarium once the roots are established. It doesn't take long for a single sweet potato plant to cover the entire tank. Regular trimming of roots and stems would ensure healthy development of the plant. Any part of the stem that is submerged in the water will start growing its own roots and could be separated and used as a separate plant in future.

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Vasiliypan 4 months ago

Очень прикольно

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