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How To Clean Used Aquarium And Put On Fish Tank Background (Like Brand New Tank)

Published on 29 Jun 2020 / In Pets & Animals

It only takes little time and commitment to bring a used aquarium back to life. And today i will show you how to clean a used aquarium and how to put on a fish tank background to make it look like a brand new tank. I have divided this video in 2 halves, first half will show you how to clean a dirty and used tank an the second half will show you how to put on a fish tank background.

I always damp the inside of the tank as water is your best friend when it comes down to cleaning a used aquarium with hard water stains, dead and dried algae and calcium build up. To clean the used aquarium, i have used a replacement head from my dish washing brush. It is very important to use a brand new or clean sponge as you don't want any soap residue to contaminate the tank. After initial cleanup with a sponge, i added some salt to the sponge and scrub the glass again. Tank came out very clean, even though i didn't use any vinegar solution or a razor blade.

I have used a blue vinyl as a fish tank background. I personally like black and blue colors as the Fish and Aquascape stands out more. Darker shade of blue is preferable over black as it is more brighter and offers more natural look. To make a clean cut, use a sharp blade and hand and eye coordination is very important to make a straight cut. Pros of Vinyl aquarium background is it is easy to replace and cons is they are not cheap to buy. Spray paint is a cheaper option and easy to apply but hard to remove or replace.

I hope after watching this video, you would be more confident when it comes to buying a used aquarium. And it will be a lot easier for you to clean the tank and also apply an aquarium background. Also check out a detail article on cleaning an old aquarium and applying a background to the tank https://www.fishaholic.net/201....9/06/how-to-clean-ol

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