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How To: Grow Avocado In Aquarium From Seed | Plant Filter

Published on 21 Aug 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Have you ever heard of growing avocado plant in aquarium? Today's video which has been filmed over 4 months approx will show you how to grow avocado in aquarium from seed and used as a plant filter. Avocado has been grown as house plant over the years so why not grow avocado as an ornamental plant in a fish tank. Avocado plant (Persea americana) originated in south-central Mexico, between 7,000 and 5,000 B.C. It is highly nutritious fruit and needs warm weather for growth.

To begin the process of growing avocado plant in fish tank from seed, first remove the pit from avocado carefully without slicing or cutting it too much. Wash the avocado pit in tap water to remove any left over fruit and remove the skin when it is moist. Use 3 toothpicks to suspend the avocado seed in water with broad end facing down. You can either place avocado pit in aquarium or do what i did. Half fill a glass or plastic cup with and suspend the avocado pit so water sits just under the toothpicks. Place the cup in a window-sill where it can get some sun light. Roots will grow from the broader end and stem will sprout from the slightly pointier end. Do a weekly water change and occasional top up due to evaporation. Wait till 6-8 weeks, and if roots are not sprouted then start with a new seed. My avocado sprouted roots roughly after 6 weeks and sprouted stem after 8 weeks approximately.

Avocado plant was moved to the fish tank by drilling 2 holes using 54 mm hole saw. Avocado plant thrived in the aquarium and grew fast and big in a month. My betta fish doesn't seem to have any problem with the plant and enjoys hanging around the roots of the plant. Avocado acts as a natural biological filter (plant filter) that purifies water by using fish waste as fertilizer.

Warning: According to wikipedia, Persin is an insecticide generated by the avocado plant and "Toxic to horses, cattle, goats, fish and birds. Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark may contain a toxic principle known as persin. The Guatemalan variety, a common one found in stores, appears to be the most problematic. Other varieties of avocado can have different degrees of toxic potential." Read more here https://www.fishaholic.net/202....0/07/grow-avocado-in

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