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Rock Fishing | Great Ocean Road | Australian Salmon

Published on 25 Jul 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Even though most of the good rock ledges suffer from large growths of bull kelp and weed. Nevertheless, Australian Salmon taken from rock fishing at great ocean road can make the effort worthwhile. Rock ledges along the great ocean road is a popular spot for fishing Australian Salmon, mullet and whiting.

Rock fishing along the great ocean road has the added bonus of the greatest view in the world, with endless rolling waves and you feel like part of nature. Most of the fishing spot are not crowded and you can easily find parking space. Time of the day doesn't matter as rock fishing is always good all year round. Some of the area might offer extreme rock fishing and extra care should be taken fishing those rock ledges.

Fish species: You can target Australian Salmon, Mullet, whiting, barracoota, snapper and occasionally gummy sharks off the rocks.
Best bait: I have had a lot of luck with blue bait, pilchards and squid, salmon goes well for any shiny lures.
Sinker: A heavy star sinker will sink well in sand and you would be able to cast further than the sea weed. I use size 4 sinker and occasionally size 5 if 4 is drifting a lot.
Rig: A paternoster rig works well for me, and i have more success with size 4/0 hooks.

Tips for Catching Salmon: Australian Salmon is a schooling fish and most of the times its just about luck for when the school comes by and you might be able to catch heaps. Otherwise catching 3-4 salmon in a single session is normal. Fishing between incoming and outgoing tides and during sunrise and sunset is ideal.

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