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Setting Up Turbo Suction Aquarium Filter (Fish Waste Filter)

Published on 22 Jun 2020 / In Pets & Animals

A turbo suction aquarium filter also known as a fish waste filter is an enormous addition to my fish tank. This aquarium filter only requires an air pump to operate and provide both mechanical and biological filtration. In this video, you will see that i have tested aquarium filter in my spare tank with only plants and than moved it to my tank with goldfish.
Setting up aquarium turbo filter is very easy. Aquarium is bare bottom and filter is attached to the bottom of the tank using suction cups. One end of the air tube is connected to air pump and the other end is connected to the fish waste filter. I have noticed that the turbo fish waste filter works well if there is disturbance in the water. This disturbance could be from the main filter or fish its self when they swim can stir up their waste sitting at the bottom.
Once fish waste is stirred up, turbo suction mechanism of the filter will contain it in the small compartment.To use the filter efficiently, i would suggest cleaning it weekly if bio load of the fish is heaps like in my aquarium. Goldfish are messy fish and create too much fish waste. I have noticed that fish waste start to clogged up the filter after 10 days and efficiency was reduced by 75%. I didn't clean the filter for over 2 weeks as i was experimenting with its efficiency.
Its a great addition to a tank if you are experiencing fish waste and excess food sitting at the bottom of the tank or your existing filter is not capable of cleaning the bottom. It also provides aeration to the tank and helps in water circulation and gasses exchange.
Turbo Suction Filter:The unique design of this fish waste filter causes a cyclone effect inside the filter drawing waste from where it gathers most (the bottom of the aquarium). This air driven turbo suction filters will gather fish excrement and catch it in the base of the filter where it is trapped until cleaning. The water then returns to the aquarium after passing through the filters internal biological cartridge (containing 100's of mini quartz beads which house billions of beneficial bacteria).
Let me know what your opinion is about this filter in the comment section below and i appreciate your time watching this video. Please don't forget to like and share this video. Your subscription would be highly appreciated as it motivates me to create more such content.
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