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Setup Filter Media In Top Aquarium Filter (Trickle Filter)

Published on 21 Jun 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Aquarium filter setup for this heavily planted aquarium consist of mechanical and biological filtration. Coarse and fine foam are used to capture large and micro particles. Bio balls and Seachem matrix are used to clean the water from harmful waste and keep the fish safe.
A trickle filter is also known as shower filter and is most often used in aquarium and even in ponds. Filtration is the key to any successful aquarium. Even though aquatic plants helps in filtration, an aquarium filter is still required to keep the water clean. Tank was sitting in the shed with out any fish for a while and i decided to start it again.
Aquarium soil is added to grow aquatic plants and a layer of gravel is added to provide additional depth. River stone are used inside the structure and driftwood is placed in the middle with java fern and java moss attached to it. It offers an ideal place for fish to relax and hide when stressed.
Trickle Aquarium Filter SetupMechanical Filtration: Coarse foam and fine foam.
Biological Filtration: Bio balls and Seachem matrix.Submersible pump with sponge attached to the inlet.Once the plants are fully established then i will upload a separate video on it.
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